About Revive...

     At Revive Health & Wellness, a comprehensive, whole-body approach is used in the treatment of all patients. In addition to the main issue (pain, weakness, etc.), it is important to look at other factors that may be the cause, or are contributing to the problem. Manual therapy is a fundamental part of Revive Health & Wellness. Sessions may also include exercises that focus on core strength, functional mobility, and postural and body awareness. This will be done through mat exercises, stability balls, or using the Pilates Reformer or CoreAlign machines. Each treatment session includes individualized treatments addressing your needs, concerns, and goals. The sessions are 60 minutes long and include one-on-one direct care.  As a patient, you will receive 100% full attention from Bianca, the Physical Therapist/Owner, for the entire session, which includes manual therapy and hands-on corrective exercises.

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