• Bianca Ferrante

About the Lotus Life Blog:

With everything going on in the world and some extra time on my hands I have decided to start blogging. COVID-19 has turned the world upside down, challenging everyone’s daily habits including our mental and physical wellbeing. Despite working full time, cabin fever still creeps in without a social release. I wanted to develop a space where I can share health and wellness thoughts, ideas, successes, and even struggles. As a physical therapist, I am also incredibly passionate about all things health and wellness. The job entails daily reading, researching, and discussing healthy behaviors. Improving mindset, exercising, nutrition, yoga, pilates, pelvic floor, women’s health, cupping, myofascial release, and reiki are just some of the things I implement in my own daily routine and with my patients. My love for these subjects is endless. I truly believe everyone is different. A multifactorial approach, incorporating all these topics, should be included to establish a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle.

Through weekly blogs my goal is to help others in their health journey, while also clearing my own head on thoughts and personal struggles in health and wellness. I will be uploading a new blog each week. Stop by later this week to learn about me and my first topic on my struggles with endometriosis.

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